Four Days In Budapest

In March of 2017 I went on a trip to the beautiful city of Budapest. I was meant to travel with my boyfriend Brian but due to some unforeseen circumstances he was not able to travel. Still, he urged me to go solo as everything was already paid for. The prospect of travelling solo was something I had never experienced before and I was both excited and nervous but I ended up having an incredible time.

The Weather

Much to my surprise the weather was really great, it was in the 20 C range throughout my 4 days there.

The Hotel

I stayed at the Prestige Hotel Budapest. This hotel isn’t just pretty , it has the best hotel staff I’ve ever come across. Everyone is so friendly, helpful and respectful. They really went above and beyond to make sure that I was taken care of.

The hotel is home to Michelin star restaurant Costes and they do room service which was great, especially at the day I arrived because I was so exhausted.

Things to do …

Budapest is one of the largest cities in the European Union so there are so many things you can do there. However I spent a lot of time exploring the beautiful city.

I went to see the Hungarian parliament building, St Stephens Basilica, Gresham Palace, Chain Bridge, great market hall, Danube Promenade, Hungarian state opera, and Buda castle.


I went to the most elegant cafe I’ve ever been to in my life, the 20th century New York Cafe .

I also went to one of the most famous bars in Budapest, Szimpla Kert. It is such an eclectic and interesting place. If you’re ever in Budapest this is a must.

I also had lunch at this restaurant/bar but I can’t remember the name and cannot find the name online but I’ll update the post once I find it.

A really good ice-cream spot is Gerlato Rosa, but there are sometimes very long lines.


As I’ve mentioned in previous posts I am a little bit of a shopaholic so I couldn’t resist going to Andrassy Avenue for a little shopping. I also treated myself to some ‘Instagram flowers’ from Million Roses Budapest.

The Verdict

Travelling alone is a double edged sword. On the one hand you get lonely and miss the person who could be sitting beside you. On the other hand, nothing and no-one is holding you back from experiencing the world. By that I mean, if you don’t get out and see or do everything you want to, it’s your own fault.

I’ve had been in a relationship for along time when I took this trip so it was so strange to return to that sense of independence and freedom I had known beforehand. I still wish Brian would have been there with me and I’m always a little sad that he had to miss this but by doing this myself I was able to remind myself that I am a strong, independent woman. No matter what happens the world is always waiting outside my locked door and I, and I alone, hold the key.


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