Parisian Adventures – Versailles Edition

In August last year I took my second trip to the city of light. I had travelled there only six months earlier (Click here to see that post) but my trip was too short and unfortunately I didn’t get to see everything I wanted. The main thing I missed out on was was Versailles. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts,  I am a history fanatic and my love for it plays a role in where I choose to travel. I think I have watched almost all documentaries about Versailles at this point so it was time for me to see it for myself. 
 The Palace of Versaille was originally a hunting lodge in the small village of  Versailles just outside of Paris for Louis XIII (The royal residence at the time was Chateau de Saint-Germain-en-Laye). It was his son and successor  Louis XIV  who decided to turn it into a palace like no other in Europe.  The sun king (Louis XIV) insisted that the original chateaux be preserved in memory of his father despite the advice of architects so they built around it. Chateau de Versailles is about 8.2 KM in total. After spending 5+ hours visiting the site I could believe it as I still did not get to see everything.
 Louis was a lover of art so the palace of Versailles is filled with magnificent paintings and sculptures. One of the most famous rooms in Versailles is the hall of mirrors designed by Louis Le Vau. 
Fun fact : The second king at Versailles Louis XV (great grandson of Louis XIV) was know to overindulge a little bit and had approximately 30 illegitimate children. Bet you can’t look at those rooms the same way now (sorry).
The palace now contains 2300 rooms, and as I said I roamed around the magnificent royal apartments for ages but doubt I saw even half of the rooms. I bought a ticket to go through all the rooms but unfortunately the Queen’s Apartments were closed for renovations so I didn’t get to see Marie Antoinette’s chambers. Guess I’ll have to visit again soon.
The lavish gardens of Versaille cover about 800 hectares and were designed by Andre Le Notre. In 1979 the gardens and the palace were made a UNESCO world heritage site.
We were meant to have lunch at Gordon Ramsey au Trianon but we missed our reservation because I could not force myself away, so captivated by the place that I was. Leaving early just felt like it would be a crime. We had lunch at a little restaurant in the Gardens of Versailles and then later bought some Macarons at the Laudree located in the palace ground floor (excuse my dusty feet).
If you don’t know anything about Versailles I recommend you research it, It is such an interesting place filled with history, culture, drama and scandal. It was a wonderful experience and I’d go back in a heartbeat. I’ll be posting about the rest of my second trip to Paris soon so keep an eye out for  that. Like and comment, as you know I love hearing from you.

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