My first trip to Bali – Seminyak ( Photo Blog )

I’d like to start by saying I am so sorry about the delay in doing this blog post. I have been so incredibly busy and I can’t believe months have passed already since I was enjoying Indonesia’s most amazing city. I want to keep this one short because I know the Ubud addition blog post of this trip was a bit lengthy. ( Read the Ubud blog post here)

Since the first part of our trip was filled with activities, we spent our last few days in Bali just relaxing at our hotel with the exception of visiting two very instagrammable spots.  We knew the flights back would be long so we really wanted to spend this part of the vacation just chilling and we picked a hotel with all the commodities we would need to ensure this would be the case.

W Bali Seminyak

The Room



The Pool


Starfish Bloo Resturant

Fire Restaurant

Away Spa

The Beach

Around Seminyak

Coffee Cartel Bali

Mad Pops Bali

I could write a lot more about Seminyak but I think the pictures say more than I could in 10 paragraphs. It was truly a special trip for me and I will be going back soon.


W Hotel Bali Seminyak  – Book Here 

Coffee Cartel Bali  – Check it out here

Mad Pops Bali – Check it out here


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